HV impulse, also known as high-voltage impulse, refers to a brief and intense electrical discharge or surge of energy in a high-voltage system. It is characterized by a rapid rise in voltage, reaching a peak value, and then quickly dropping back to zero. HV impulse tests are performed to evaluate the ability of electrical equipment, such as transformers, cables, and insulators, to withstand high-voltage surges or impulses that may occur during normal or abnormal operating conditions. These tests help ensure the reliability and safety of the equipment by assessing its insulation performance and ability to withstand transient voltage stresses.

SVSTAR offers a comprehensive range of high voltage impulse products that are designed to meet the stringent requirements of various industries. Our HV impulse test systems are specifically engineered to deliver precise and controlled impulse voltages for testing the insulation performance of electrical equipment. Whether it’s transformers, cables, or other high-voltage components, our HV impulse solutions ensure reliable and safe operation under transient voltage conditions.

Our HV impulse products are built with advanced technology and feature robust construction to withstand the high-energy discharges associated with impulse testing. They provide rapid rise times, accurate voltage control, and excellent waveform reproducibility, allowing for precise evaluation of insulation strength and performance. With customizable options and a wide voltage range, our HV impulse systems can accommodate different testing needs and voltage levels.

SVSTAR’s HV impulse products are complemented by a comprehensive range of measurement and monitoring equipment. These include high-precision partial discharge (PD) measurement systems, which enable accurate detection and analysis of PD activity during impulse testing. Additionally, our solutions offer user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, ensuring ease of operation and efficient workflow in the test environment.

With our extensive experience in high voltage testing and commitment to quality, SVSTAR is a trusted partner for customers seeking reliable HV impulse solutions. Whether for routine testing, type testing, or research and development purposes, our products provide the necessary capabilities to assess the insulation integrity and performance of high-voltage equipment. Choose SVSTAR for high-quality, precise, and technologically advanced HV impulse solutions that meet the demanding requirements of your industry.