High Voltage Testing for Bushings

Achieve optimal results in routine and type testing of bushings with SVSTAR’s tailored solutions. We offer a range of advanced test systems, including AC, DC, and impulse voltage test systems, ensuring precise and reliable measurements. Additionally, our comprehensive product lineup includes essential measurement equipment for partial discharge and C/tan delta, enabling thorough assessments of bushing performance.

Drawing upon our extensive industry experience, SVSTAR goes beyond product offerings to provide expert consulting services. Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to develop innovative solutions, incorporating elements such as test bay layout, shielding, and grounding. We prioritize enhancing the workflow within the test bay, streamlining operations for increased efficiency.

As a trusted single-source supplier for all high voltage testing related to bushings, SVSTAR offers a diverse range of products, including:

  • Impulse voltage test system
  • AC voltage test system
  • Precision capacitance and dissipation bridge
  • Partial discharge measuring system
  • Insulation resistance tester

Rely on SVSTAR to deliver comprehensive solutions for high voltage testing of bushings. Our expertise, combined with our cutting-edge products, ensures accurate and reliable results, empowering you to effectively assess and validate bushing performance.