SVSTAR introduces innovative chopping gap technology that revolutionizes impulse testing processes. Our advanced multiple chopping gap design serves a dual purpose – acting as a load capacitor for the impulse generator while ensuring exceptional reproducibility of chopping time and waveform integrity up to the chopping point. This unique feature sets SVSTAR’s products apart, guaranteeing precise and accurate results for a wide range of applications.

When testing power transformers, SVSTAR’s expertise shines through. We recognize the challenges posed by pre-discharge currents in rod gaps and sphere gaps (above 1000 kV), which can cause voltage drops and impact comparison tests. That’s why we pay meticulous attention to circuit construction, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Our comprehensive solutions address these complexities, guaranteeing seamless testing processes and accurate measurements.

To further enhance convenience and efficiency, SVSTAR’s Haefely Impulse Generator controls automate the sphere distance adjustment. In automatic mode, the gap distance is intelligently set based on the charging voltage, providing precise and consistent results. The control panel prominently displays the gap distance, empowering operators with real-time monitoring and control. Additionally, the chopping initiation is seamlessly executed by the first stage, featuring a triggering spark plug, ensuring seamless synchronization and reliable operation.

Experience the power of SVSTAR’s advanced chopping gap technology, designed to elevate your testing capabilities and deliver unparalleled precision in waveform reproduction and measurement accuracy. With SVSTAR’s cutting-edge products, you can trust in the reliability and performance required to achieve exceptional results in your high-voltage testing endeavors.