Comprehensive Solutions for High Voltage Cable Testing

When it comes to high voltage cable testing, SVSTAR stands as a leading provider, offering a diverse array of solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of various testing phases. From development and manufacturing to routing and long-term operation, we have the necessary test systems and measurement equipment to ensure accurate and reliable testing.

  1. Our fully shielded high voltage measuring booths incorporate state-of-the-art AC resonance systems, water terminations, and sensitive PD (Partial Discharge) measurement equipment with flaw detection capabilities. These booths are designed for routine testing of both AC and DC voltage cables, providing a controlled environment for precise measurements.

  2. For type and long-term testing, SVSTAR offers a range of impulse voltage, AC and DC voltage test systems, as well as heat current test systems. These systems are specifically designed for prequalification testing, ensuring that cables meet the required standards and can withstand extended operational conditions.

  3. SVSTAR also provides mobile AC and DC voltage test systems equipped with PD measurement technology. These portable systems are invaluable for on-site testing, enabling efficient testing and maintenance work on routed cables, including extremely long cable systems.

As a single-source supplier for high voltage cable testing, SVSTAR’s extensive product range encompasses various essential components:

  • Variable frequency resonant test system
  • Partial discharge measuring system
  • High current test system
  • Impulse voltage test system

With SVSTAR’s comprehensive solutions, you can confidently perform a wide range of high voltage cable testing, ensuring the integrity and reliability of your cables throughout their lifecycle. Trust in SVSTAR’s expertise and cutting-edge products to streamline your testing processes and achieve accurate and consistent results.