High Voltage Testing for HV Arrestors

When it comes to high voltage testing for HV arrestors, SVSTAR offers tailored solutions for both type and routine testing. Our expertise lies in combined testing utilizing impulse, DC, and AC voltage, and we provide meticulously matched test systems with perfectly aligned components.

Our product range extends beyond just HV arrestors, encompassing the essential test systems and measurement equipment required for various testing scenarios. This includes impulse current and voltage testing, residual current and voltage measurement, as well as specialized testing and operating duty testing.

With experience under our belt, SVSTAR is well-equipped to offer you comprehensive consulting services. Our team will work closely with you to craft innovative solutions, taking into account crucial factors such as test bay layout, shielding, and grounding. We prioritize optimizing the workflow within the test bay to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

As a single-source supplier for high voltage testing, SVSTAR’s extensive product range covers a wide array of components for HV arrestor testing:

  • AC voltage test system
  • Impulse voltage test system
  • Partial discharge measuring system

With SVSTAR’s advanced solutions, you can confidently perform high voltage testing for HV arrestors, ensuring their reliability and adherence to industry standards. Trust in our expertise and comprehensive product offerings to streamline your testing processes and achieve precise and consistent results.